Eh, mummy.

This blog takes its name from a demotic* grunt recently banished in our household using a technique we earnestly hope will be as effective with more offensive language recently uttered by our son (“Not the f*cking football again daddy”.  Hmm, can’t imagine who he got that off.)

The word “eh”  here gets spattered through conversation in a similar fashion to the universal teenage use of ‘like’ but with the specific function of providing emphasis and/or requesting confirmation.
Pronunciation is ‘ay’, with abrupt aggression.  Try it:
“The weather’s sh*te today, eh.”
“Football’s rubbish, eh mummy?”

The blog itself will probably spring from events around the family; Husband No. 1 (thirty-lates), Boy (four), Girl (“zero”, according to Boy), close friends (aliases t.b.c.) and anything/one else that warrants a rant. 

Not much to start with, except Girl has discovered raspberry-blowing and is honing this skill primarily at mealtimes – dropping Boy off at nursery this morning, I looked like an advertisement for edible pebble-dash. 

Oh, and the weather is sh*te today. Again.


*Word of the day.  There will be more.  Probably used very, very badly.


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