Lost and Found

Lost the plot with H this evening when he asked where the envelopes were, rummaged half-heartedly in the given location then returned saying he’d get one from the office instead.  Rather than play along by sighing and retrieving an envelope for him, I went a tad postal.  After ranting on the transparency of this tactic (not bothering to look properly, acting pathetic and then being all surprised when the woman finds it – you ladies out there are all familiar with this) I pointed out this is how I feel every time he plays this trick, except the screaming usually goes on inside my head.

Honestly, the other day he said he’d get Girl some socks.  Standing at our daughter’s dresser, gazing vacantly into the open, full sock drawer he shouted through, “Should I just put a pair of these socks on her?”

I should’ve said no, you have to knit her some new ones.

Anyway. Back to this evening. He found an envelope eventually but quickly counter-attacked by pointing out that £800 had been spent on groceries in the past month.  I’m still seething.  I organised Boy’s birthday party, a Hallowe’en party, hosted my brother’s family for four nights and bought two other kids’ birthday presents this month.  No bloody wonder the normal family shop increased to “nearly a grand” (he bumped it up by 25% in as many seconds).

A year before Boy was born I was earning twice his salary. Now, on maternity with Girl, I’m being berated for spending too much of the bloody Housekeeping..! 

Nothing like a bed-time belittling…


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