Bra Sizes

Listening to Woman’s Hour on BBC Radio 4, with a discussion on bra sizes imminent.  I’m intrigued as I would LOVE to wear a correctly-fitted bra, however having dilligently measured myself on several occasions I’ve firmly established that my bra size – an anomaly brought about by a small frame and a passion for swimming continued from childhood – is 36-AAA.  It is simply impossible to find a bra that size and so I spend my life either pinched uncomfortably at the chest, or with my small breasts flapping about in over-sized cups. 



2 Responses to Bra Sizes

  1. emmie says:

    oh bless your little bubbas! im assuming your quite a small person all over? im trying to lose weight to shrink mine back after having my son but due to ill fitting bras and the 30 mins on the running machine i defo feel the pain! i darent have mine measured tho i normaly try it on over my jumper and get out as quickly as possible scary places these bra shops!

  2. jinedin says:

    My sympathy Emmie…although part of me would LOVE to have need of shrinking the old gals.
    I say we all go back to those bra-burning days and hang loose.
    Good luck with breaking that pain barrier…!

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