Dinosaurs and Angels

There is a theory that some Jurassic dinosaurs used their long tails like whips, cracking them with such force that the tips reached the speed of sound and produced a sonic boom, over time even causing the last few bones in the tail to fuse together. The discovery of a male and female dinosaur pair showed the bones in the male fused, but those of the female unchanged, thereby supporting the theory that this sonic boom was used to attract a mate.
Can’t help feeling H didn’t try very hard when we first met…

B was practising for the nativity yesterday. Being one of those woolly, non-practising christians – incapable of shaking religious belief drummed into me from childhood yet unable to commit to regular worship – I haven’t taken B or G to church regularly (not since going to collect B from the creche at one church and finding him strapped into a pushchair by a well-meaning but misguided Blue Rinser who clearly found restraints on an upset one year old preferable to a gentle tap on mum’s shoulder during the sermon – er, wrong.). Anyway, point being the kids are complete heathens and I fret about this, if only for the biblical literary references they’ll miss. The need to address this gap in B’s education became apparent yesterday when he was practising for what will be his second nativity play. He launched into his nursery song enthusiastically, with the words “George and…”, screwed up his face in concentration then looked at me and said, “What’s the other one called, mummy?”.
So much for Our Saviour’s Parents then. He later referred to the angels as fairies and asked why they didn’t have wands to do their magic with.

Santa’s list has now been amended to include ‘My First Bible Stories’.


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