Jab Day

So yesterday was Swine Flu Jab Day in the local neighbourhood.  Taking the advice of my mum (“who’s a nurse”, to quote that girl off Johnny Briggs) I always tell B the details well in advance and reveal that yes, it will hurt but only for a second or two. This tends to do the trick (in tandem with post-innoculation sweeties).  On this occasion it was the nurse rather than the doctor, and was therefore an even smoother experience.  Last jab, the doctor – skeptical about the wisdom of B’s decision to watch the needle enter his arm – frantically tried to get B to look out of the window at an imaginary bin-man whilst attempting a stealth spearing. This flapping served only to make the situation more fraught than entirely necessary, although B handled the doctor magnificently and pretended to be duped by the fictional refuse-collector while sneaking a peek.

This time, in contrast, the nurse was happy to let Ru to watch in gruesome fascination as she plunged the needle in. Not everyone’s cup of tea but as it illicited from him only a surprised “Ooooooh”, it certainly seemed to be his Lady Grey.

G was more vocal, albeit briefly.  Taking the lead from her brother, perhaps, although one might prefer that doesn’t happen on every occasion.

B’s little pal, his mum informed me, had to be held down by three people. So thanks, mum, for your common sense advice. And big up the nurses.


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