Creationism a la four-year-old

Yawn.  Girl is not sleeping again. She did two nights on the trot on Sunday and Monday (following B’s first skiing trip with me up North, so good timing toots), but last night and today is back to her old tricks.  She goes into her cot as I gently soothe her, lies prone and apparently sunk into oblivion – even mustering up the odd snore – until I raise my hand, whereupon she flings her arm back to grasp my finger, twists her head round, eyes flying open, and starts to cry till soothing recommences.  This is often repeated slyly as late as the ‘stepping-away-from-the-cot’ point, which is most frustrating. Controlled crying would fix this but they’re sharing a room. Nnngh.
On the plus side, now that I’ve replaced her first pair of shoes (H lost one during his babysitting weekend; he thinks he left it on the roof of the car) she’s cruising nicely and had her first few stands on her own recently. Lovely.  And, if we lose another left shoe, we’ve a handy spare. Yay!

Boy and I were discussing the origin of man earlier today as we watched a Nat Geo program on how life began; he’s very advanced, you know, though his poor mother was ill-equipped to answer questions on DNA. As we watched, B expounded his theory that the first man was made by a bunch of other men by cutting shapes out of a skin suit; such as a mouth, eyes, eyebrows and a scalp (out of which hair then sprouted).  All in all, quite a gruesome image and one with an obvious flaw:
“Who made the men who did all this cutting?”, said I.
There was a slight pause, then he raised his eyebrows into an optimistic position, smiled hopefully and suggested, “Nice ghosties?”.
As a theory some may claim it beats your standard creationism…


2 Responses to Creationism a la four-year-old

  1. MrsW says:

    Brilliant! Where do they get it from?

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