Wheesht! By the light o’ the moon, the big baboon is combing his golden hair…


Zoo today for the dying throes of half-term.  A gorgeous, crisp, sunny February day on which the lion was roaring (as opposed to lying slumped miserably beneath a tree as is his habitual wont), the baboons where squawking, the leopard was prowling at the perspex, the parrots fed, the apes swung and the penguins marched (actually that last bit was a fabrication; we couldn’t be bothered to walk back across for the penguins in time for the traditional 2pm promenade so they might well have declined the offer of a waddle entirely, but it made a nice end to the sentence, didn’t it?).  All in all a resounding success.  G was riveted by the monkeys; she has a toy one dubbed, appropriately, ‘Manky’, so it was quite an eye-opener when she woke in her pushchair to find several of his more animated cousins frolicking in the enclosure before her.

Joined the ‘Mums in Scotland‘ blog on British Mummy Bloggers this evening, and think it’ll be nice to be part of a smaller group of bloggers.  Somehow that makes me feel a bit less of a minnow in this huge ocean of folk tip-tapping on keyboards into the wee small hours in the wild hope that some random literary agent might read their crazy ramblings, be stunned at their hidden talents and offer them a squillion pound book deal on the spot.  Or…*ahem*…is that just me?

Shortly after this  I was replying to one of my English in-laws on Facebook and found myself using the word thrawn (of husband number 1), which I then realised meant nothing to her. The following website provided a helpful explanation and I found myself wallowing in nostalgia over childhood words like besom and gallus, and have been able to prove to my husband that the word mauchit, which I often apply to my children, is not made up.

On that note, the wee besom’s woken, so I’ll be away the now…


6 Responses to Wheesht! By the light o’ the moon, the big baboon is combing his golden hair…

  1. MrsW says:

    Is it possible that you could be the the one to confirm at last the existence of the word “hullican”????

    My man thinks I’ve made this word up and to be honest, if I can’t find someone soon (and not a blood relation) who’s heard it I am probably going to start believing him. And I don’t want to start that nonsense since it can only lead to a myriad of unpleasant places.

    • jinedin says:

      Hmm…I’m not familiar with hullican or finding any similar words – nearest I’ve got is a ‘hullion’ (a ‘heap or accumulation of articles, wealth, good, property’. Or ‘a dogfish’ but I’m guessing that’s not the one you’re after).

      Can you give me some context? I’ve a braw wumman o’er the West who might ken…!

      God, I really never talk like that. Honestly.

  2. MrsW says:

    Oh bugger – I do!

    OK, when my daughter in a pre-menstrual strop barges through the kitchen scattering cutlery, chairs and fine china in her wake I am wont to say to her “Gawd yer hullican” before I bodily remove her from the vicinity of anything breakable.

    It’s a general term (well in my flippin family it is!) for someone clumsy but with a bit of a violent undercurrent and probably no all that petite iykwim? But friendlier than “hooligan”.

    • jinedin says:

      I don’t know it, but I love it! It’s now officially adopted chez nous, in readiness for my daughter’s teen years (which I’m now dreading even more after your enlightening description there). In fact, it’ll be applicable to the boy already.
      And at the risk of sounding slow (baby under 1, I’m still allowed) what’s iykwim???
      This is quite a learning curve..

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