Saturns rings

We’re down in Kent visiting the in-laws. The kids are happy as the proverbial pig, and G is loving her older female cousin; the hero-worship is already palbable.  Last night, my brother-in-law got his telescope out (fnar, fnar) and showed me the moon, Mars and Saturn (I saw the rings!  Fwip, fwip!).  How utterly, beautifully amazing it all; I can’t believe I’ve seen the craters on the moon in real life and not just a picture. We’re hoping the skies are clear tonight and we can show B (who will doubtless shrug his shoulders and ask where the aliens are…)


4 Responses to Saturns rings

  1. dadwhowrites says:

    I’ve never forgotten seeing them through my older cousin’s telescope when I was seven or eight.

    • jinedin says:

      Yep, it’s something that’ll stay with me. Nearest I’ll ever get; never was that good at astro-physics and can’t scrape together the millions needed for a tourist trip to space, so never likely to get any closer…!

  2. MrsW says:

    The first time I saw the rings of Saturn’s through a telescope I sqee’d for Scotland – which disturbed the Rainbows I was allegedly supervising. I couldn’t believe I was in an observatory (Dundee has Britain’s only free and open to the public observatory – tis a fabulous thing) actually looking at Saturn – and I could see the rings. You BiL must have a big one (ooer).

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