7 Facts? I’m Sparticus! Erm…no, actually I’m not. I like porridge, though. Will that do?

Eek! I’ve been tagged and given an award (really???). Something to do with the ability to incorporate macrame in my text (I feel such a fake; I could only really do those owls on safety pins). But, MrsW, if you will forgive me that artistic license, I will thank you profusely and rack my brains for 7 interesting things to dredge up about myself.  What’s that you say? They don’t have to be interesting? Well, thank heaven for small mercies.  But, there are rules. And these rules apparently are:

  1. Copy the award to my blog
  2. Insert a link to the person who nominated me
  3. Tell you seven things about myself that I haven’t told you before
  4. Nominate seven other bloggers for the award
  5. Link to their blogs
  6. Tell the nominees about their award

Capisce? OK. Here goes:

1.  I once shimmied up a flagpole in the Royal Mile – erected for the King of Norway’s visit – in an insubstantial dress and bare feet.  I got to the top and touched the flag, rendering me instantly both sparklingly brilliant and monumentally stupid.  Alcohol was involved but I can’t confirm the year as a search on ‘King of Norway’ and ‘Edinburgh’ yields only an ‘And Finally’ tale about Nils Olav , the King Penguin at Edinburgh zoo given a knighthood by King Harald V of Norway.  I won’t post a picture as believe it or not I did penguin pics quite recently.
But I digress.

2. I have kissed Graham Norton.  Why, indeed?

3. My front tooth is missing and the neighbour is a stump.  During the period in which the bridge was being crafted, I took great delight in whipping out the plate and fake tooth with abandon and often at inopportune moments, startling bystanders with the large gap.  This was not a good look:

Admittedly the tiara and goo-goo goggles provided little in the way of improvement…

4. When the moon is bright, the tide is high and the wolves howl at your door, I get one hairy nipple.  There! I’ve said it!  One hair, one nipple, one week of the month, one side (left).  And the weird thing?  Both my female cousins get the same thing…only on their left one!  Da-da-da-da, da-da-da-da (that was the Twighlight Zone theme in case you were wondering).
No pic. Really. No.

5.  My Mum used to go out with Stephen Rea, star of…well…The Crying Game, anyway. Also he was cut in half in Interview with a Vampire. Actually, he did quite a few films by the look of things and has been Oscar-nominated, which is very topical and ties in nicely with MrsW’s original post, ‘It’s Oscar Night, How Apt‘. He was called Graham in school and mum dumped him in the Autumn because she didn’t want to buy him a Christmas present.  You go girl. 

6. I am terribly, terribly shy. I just happen to be a smidgeon more angry.

7. I resigned today. I am now, officially, a housewife.  Aside from the two years maternity for each child I have never, ever not worked.  I am both petrified and elated.  So, to end as I started…eek!!!

Now, very difficult as I’m such a newbie to blogging that I really don’t have many friends (see 6. and say ‘aaaw’). 

However, I’d like to tag…
1.‘Dad who writes because he calls his lady Supermum therefore must be a wise man.  Also, he’s talked both about horse riding and climbing, meaning he’s clearly a good ‘un.

2. Alias Mother, who hasn’t a clue who I am but whose blog I love. And, she’s in a tremendous place just now, having recently given birth to her baby boy. I anticipate, however, that she has better things to do…

3. Exmoor Jane is a huge favourite of mine. Again, I can only hope she has time to respond but you must read her post on bags.

4. Mummy Limited is a new blog to me but how I love her; she also resigned this week, as detailed on her guest post at Got Your Hands Full

5. You’ve Got Your Hands Full because my friend has twins and works in publishing. Ideal site for her and great advice for any budding writers out there.  She put me off in seconds…  😉

6. Mummy Madness and Mayhem for being the first person in Blogland to encourage me.

7. And I rather think Karen at If I Could Escape could come up with 7 crackers, if she by any chance has time…


14 Responses to 7 Facts? I’m Sparticus! Erm…no, actually I’m not. I like porridge, though. Will that do?

  1. MrsW says:

    Seriously I am feeling quite boring now…. if I was to compete (not that I am competitive in any way whatsoever, you know) it would only be on the hair count and I aint going there.

    Good luck and welcome to the world of the “not working at the moment”. I’ve been in this dark place for 2 and half years now and have managed to retain a modicum of sanity. Just a modicum. Barely.

  2. Ooh, thank you, thank you, thank you!! But, not sure my 7 will be as interesting as yours. =)

    • jinedin says:

      Interesting…or slightly tragic.
      I was worried about tagging folk as once I realised how painful it was thinking of 7 things to share, I did feel there was an air of the dreaded ‘chain mail’ about the whole process…! 🙂

  3. Linda says:

    Thank you so much for tagging me, am so so so so so loving your list, I’m terrible as I have a tendency to ‘overshare’ I am going to have to think hard to find seven things I’ve never broadcast about me that are safe to repeat! xx

  4. Linda says:

    Mine are as big as saucers. Just sayin.

  5. aliasmother says:

    Did I ever thank you for this? I am appalled that I never thanked you for this! Good heavens!

    I’m nicer than my blatant disregard of kind gestures shows, I swear. Well, mostly. Sometimes. But not today. Actually, wait, yes, today I am. But not for the 57 days previous, which is how long I neglected to thank you.

    I’m back at work, can you tell? I have no brain cells left!

    Thank you!

    • jinedin says:

      Ah, be still! You’ve enough on your plate with two that age and back at work. I just resigned. Ha ha! Wonderful! We’ll be poverty-stricken but happy (so goes the mantra).

  6. Cheshire Mum says:

    High Five to shimmying up the flagpole – love beer induced antics & being able to remember them! Best of luck with the new career, I’m trying to the work ah home mum thing at the moment but the mum bit doesn’t leave much time for the work bit!

    • jinedin says:

      I know, this whole work from home thing’s great if you can decide what to do and how to do it. I lack the imagination to come up with a scheme so while away the few spare hours on red wine and blogging. Tch! What a waste…

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