Sew. What next?

A year and a half ago I bought some lining material for a new set of curtains. It is testament to my commitment to my recent appointment as chief cook and bottle-washer chez nous, that I have at last removed the bedroom curtains with a view to adding their linings and thereby curing poor H’s insomnia (and getting a proper night’s sleep myself to boot).

As a result we now have temporary, blue, space curtains in the bedroom. When I say ‘space’ I mean dotted with planets and shooting stars.  These blend beautifully with the Farrow and Ball antique green and the Laura Ashley throw (actually, that painted an extremely false picture of the kind of clutter-free bedroom that incorporates silk scatter cushions and thick pile. This is not at all the case; indeed were either of us ever to catch sight of more than one square foot of clear bedroom carpet we would probably keel over in shock and require sweet tea.  Which we would then spill.  On the clear patch).

B is going to be insanely jealous when he wakes us up tomorrow (serves him right for breaching the post-7am ‘rule’ every morning).  I expect I’ll have to promise they’ll go in his room as soon as I’ve finished doing the lining, but whether he still wants them at eighteen will remain to be seen…


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