“Do you know Carolina? Where the biscuits are soft and sweet.”

Today I spent some considerable time watching a small cat stuck in a half-open window.  Doubtless this has gone viral and is by now terribly old hat, however I’m not a regular visitor to YouTube and since leaving permanent employment seem to spend a great deal less time watching clips of stupid people and funny animals.  However, I surprised myself this evening at the patience with which I sat and watched this furry, failed Houdini vainly attempting to wriggle out of it’s uncomfortable predicament.  Just as I was begining to wonder if this was actually a valuable use of my time and indeed whether the cat was not in fact licking its paws in boredom but rather gasping for breath and on the verge of an unpleasant demise, a True Hero appeared.  Slightly thinning on top and resplendent in a mint-green short-sleeved shirt (there’s an oxymoron for you), our Hero clambered inelegantly up a drainpipe to extracate the squirming pussy (Ha! Bad luck, you porno Googlers. Try another link).

This gallant behaviour prompted a rare reaffirmation of my faith in human nature, which traditionally hovers well below the scummy watermark of ‘cynical and disapointed’ and was starting to suffer further at how long the cameraman seemed content to film the tormented kitty.  So, for that reaffirmation I would like to thank Dulwich mum, who posted the clip on her tremendous blog.  Her ‘Unmissable Competition‘  post yesterday was a particular cracker.

Of course, on the downside this all ended up with me fannying away an hour rummaging through the detritus on YouTube (and despairing at some of those horrible comments – why are people so rude to one another?), until I found a complete gem (again, it’s probably been round the world a few times since occurring in 2007 but if you’re reading this blog, in all likelihood you’re as out of touch as I am).  This clip was also reaffirming but more in relation to  my unkind suspicions about American beauty contestants and Tommy Hilfiger poster-girls.  Here you go:

Miss Teen USA 2007 – South Carolina answers a question

Like, I’m so, such as, inspired.

Perhaps in closing I should apologise to American beauty pageant entrants, as there are bound to might be some clever ones out there.  I don’t think I need worry about insulting the intelligence of any UK beauty contestants, however, as I’m sure we don’t have that many.  Primarily for dental reasons.


8 Responses to “Do you know Carolina? Where the biscuits are soft and sweet.”

  1. mrshev says:

    She is a vacuum. Which is ironic as stuff should flow into a vacuum. Physics, innit?

  2. mrshev says:

    I have occassionally joined the don’t-throw-bricks-straight-up club a couple of times.

    My worst faux pas was when I worked in television design and we were working on new opening titles to London’s Burning with Talkback Thames. I was madly scribbling away notes and then asked the series producer: ‘So, where’s it set then?’

    Doh! nut.

    • jinedin says:

      Cue sea of blank, suited faces round the table, all looking at you in stunned silence as they wonder, “How much are we paying this guy?”…

  3. At least Miss South Carolina can string a few words together tonight, more than I can….fanks for making me laugh x

  4. aliasmother says:

    I must tell you that this fine young lady (the pageant girl, not the cat) was a contestant on The Amazing Race, one of my favorite television shows, this past season. She proudly announced at the beginning of the race that she was competing to prove to the world how smart she really is, despite YouTube evidence to the contrary. And then she spent the rest of the show being spectacularly dumb. And whiny.

    But she and her partner did come in third. So there’s that.

    • jinedin says:

      Whiny too? Wow, she’s got the full package, hasn’t she?! Well done her. I’m guessing she didn’t come third in Miss Teen USA 2007…

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