Negative? Moi?

A girl at work once said to me, “You’re so optimistic! You must be one of the most positive people I know!”.

That character assessment when reiterated to my friends and family (as it often was, believe you me) could be pretty much guaranteed to induce the kind of belly-laugh that’s accompanied by snot bubbles.  She is Spanish, to be fair, and something may have been lost in translation but suffice to say I am not a glass-half-full sort of a gal.  However, I’m doing my darnedest for the sake of Boy and Girl to mend my miserable, pessimistic ways; albeit with varying degrees of success.  So my reaction was twofold when I walked out of the back door to serve lunch outdoors – an infrequent event in this part of the world; harrowing picnics of my youth usually culminated in us surly children huddling in steaming pakamacs on the back seat of a car, picking grudgingly at the contents of tupperware tubs passed through the hatch-back by our desperate parents.  As I recall, even the sandwiches had a weary dampness to them – and was met by this adorable scene, set up in its entirety by B, who’d asked a few moments before for a Rich Tea biscuit for Fido (Fido the Irreplaceable, to use his full title), who was to lunch with us:

My first thought was a Disney-esque “Aaaaaaw”, followed swiftly by a more alarmed, “Jesus God, he’ll be total cannon-fodder if he acts that soppy when he starts Primary in August!”.

G, on the other hand, confirmed all my negative, nagging suspicions about her sociopathic tendencies when I came upon this gruesome scene the following day:

She’ll cope just grand at school…


6 Responses to Negative? Moi?

  1. Livi says:

    ROFL! The doll in the dishwasher is hilarious!

  2. aliasmother says:

    He may be cannon-fodder for the boys but girls love a sensitive guy, so he’ll be a hit with the ladies.

    Your daughter seems equally well-poised to deal with the opposite sex.

    • jinedin says:

      Good points, both. Can’t help feeling it’d be even better if it’d been Action Man in the dishwasher. Or, equally, Barbie.
      (Or even better, a Miss South Carolina doll…)

  3. MrsW says:

    Adorable! Equally 😉

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