Up our own arses?

This was a really peevish Shiraz-induced post, which I’ve removed as it can basically be summed up in two observations:

1.  Lots of folk seem to be posting post inane and/or unpleasant mundanities on Facebook, e.g. “Drinking a tasty cup of tea” or, “My dog’s just had its anal glands done again”.  The attraction of this is lost on me.


2.  The joys of social networking aside, your best mates remain the physically present, largely because they’re capable of informing you when you come out of the pub bogs with toilet paper hanging out of the back of your trousers.


2 Responses to Up our own arses?

  1. knackeredmother says:

    Annoyed to have missed your Shiraz-induced rant but completely agree with your summary x

    • jinedin says:

      lol..! No, it was truly dreadful, as rants go. I’m finding myself way too mellow these days and unable to get a good head of steam up; I should use public transport a bit more to get myself properly incensed for a good old whinge…!

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