Friends Reunited

My Friends Reunited profile was written some time ago, before Girl was born, but after Boy.  In the years since I last looked at it, it’s unsurprising not many friend requests have popped up…

About me

Working in the basket-weaving department of a small arts and crafts company in Edinburgh and enjoying the recent balmy weather now the scars have healed and I can wear short sleeves again. Occasionally miss the cameraderie of the ward – more so during the recent Countdown finals – but Scary Mary and the rest of the gang have kept in touch, courtesy of Crayola, and we’re planning a reunion when my prescription runs out.
Hope to catch up with some of the Dingwall Academy staff one day – in particular, I’ve a rather impressive collection of road kill to post to Springers* – if anyone has his address, let me know.


*Obnoxious, flabby-lipped head of PE, known for both terrorising and (allegedly) touching small boys.  The only teacher with whom I ever had a stand-up, nose-to-nose screaming match – spittle and all – signalling the end of my not-so-illustrious-anyway running and swimming career.

I’m not going to update this.


2 Responses to Friends Reunited

  1. mrshev says:

    Quality. Is Friends Reunited still existent? I thought that Fox or Newscorp bought it (the ultimate kiss of death…)?

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