Guest post? Moi?

@nickie72 (who probably has a real name outside Twitter) asked me – during what I can assume was a momentary lapse of reason – to guest post on her much more popular blog, Typecast.  More fool her, because I did.

And being unutterably lazy, I’m not doing another one here so, in the nicest possible way, do bugger off and read that one.



4 Responses to Guest post? Moi?

  1. I did, and I loved it. So many things I recognise, esp the bit when they really push you to the edge, then smile and sound sweet and you’re putty.

  2. mrshev says:

    Bloody kids should be employed by the CIA to interrogate terror suspects, in my opinion. Their ability to ask the same question 489 times in a row and still feel the correct answer is wrong drives me crackers.

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