Don’t Look At Me. She Dressed Herself.

Me [girds loins and adopts chipper yet patently contrived breeziness]: Right, so what do you want to wear today?
Her: Dwess.
M: Okay, how about this denim one?
H: No! Like twousers.
M [quick mental scan for girly keywords]: Well, yes, it’s denim like your jeans but look at these sparkly sequins; they’re pretty aren’t they?
H [adopts contemplative look, head to one side, lips pursed]: Hmmmm. Think……..not.
M [holds up top with 80s-style girl motif plus plain, matching skirt]: How about this?
H: Ooh, like that! [grabs top with one hand, skirt with the other, squashes top adoringly to chest and discards skirt onto floor. Rummages for Bo-ho style turquoise skirt with lavish gold embroidery*]
H: This skirt!
M: Well, you see that doesn’t really go with the top you’ve got.
M: Fine, well let’s find a top to go with it then.
H [volume increasing]: LIKE THIS TOP!!
M: Yes, but you’ll look a bit odd with that top and that skirt, plus we only have pink tights.
H [smiles sweetly and gazes into my eyes]: That’s OK mummy.
M: Well, it’s not really because we’re going out and—
H [smile departs]: WANT LADY TOP!! WANT BOO SKIRT!!!
M [holding up pink skirt to match ‘lady’ top]: Do you not think—
H [strikes dramatic silent movie heroine pose]: NOOOOO!!!!
M: I’ll get your tights.

*It’s an eclectic mix. We get a lot of hand-me-downs.


2 Responses to Don’t Look At Me. She Dressed Herself.

  1. Cherie says:

    Yes. Yes, yes. We have the same discussions. Today mine is in a brown and peach polka-dot shirt (worn backwards), a yellow flowered skirt, and fuchsia and pink striped tights.

    And silver shoes. How could I forget those?

  2. EhMum says:

    Very pleased to hear it’s not just her. Other people’s daughters seem so….’Boden’, while ours is more Dunnes Stores.

    Mind you, not as bad as the mother my parents saw, accompanied by a small girl in Celtic football shirt, pink tutu and wellies. Brilliant.

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