About me and them.

Mum to Boy (5) and Girl (2). 

Unemployed Housewife / congenitally disorganised Merlot-swiller.

Capricious wife to Husband No.1, who is very nice but has crap taste in telly.



4 Responses to About me and them.

  1. Mindful Mum says:

    Your ‘To Do List’ made me laugh, because I sometimes feel the same way.. then I break into a ‘life’s too short’ moment and smile. Found you on BMB and enjoying your blog already ;o)

    • jinedin says:

      Yes, I remember someone on Grumpy Old Women giving advice along the lines of “There are no prizes for doing everything right, all of the time”. Ach well. If there’s no prize, stuff it!

  2. MTJAM says:

    Your blog is truly hilarious. Are you on Twitter? Find me – http://www.twitter.com/MTJAM I simply have to tweet with you…

    • jinedin says:

      Ha! No, yours is! Brilliant stuff.
      I’m crap at Twitter but just got my moby a/c upgraded free to unlimited internet access, so that may all change in the next day or so. I will become a Twitter Pest.

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