Feelers out, kids; you’re on your own…

Thanks to Josie at Sleep is for the Weak for another thought-provoking workshop.

3. What do you secretly dream of your children doing?

Don’t run with scissors, take much care
Be smart and always comb your hair

Stay safe and stable,
Firm and able,
Joints off table,
Take your time

Always polish up your shoes
Be orderly when joining queues

Respect the rule,
No playing fool,
Be good in school,
Toe the line

But sing like angels, run like wolves
Be joyous, dippy, crazy fools

Be fun and scatty,
cool and natty,
wild and batty,
racy, nuts

Snatch this life and scoff it down
Roll in red paint, daub the town

Have wild romances,
Drinks and dances,
Flights of fancies,
Booms and busts

I hope for you contentment, joy;
Perhaps a little girl, or boy?
A homely or a travelling life?
A wealthy husband? Loving wife?
These wishes are your mother’s kind,
Not aspirations of your mind.
So children, pave your own bright way…
…Just relish every glorious day.