Ben 10 Alien Force: a theme tune like The News

Having hitherto been a little dismayed by B’s lack of artistic curiosity, we’re now experiencing an explosion in penmanship.  The associated paper use threatens to pump our carbon footprint up to the size of a small dinosaur’s; there’s a bulging blue recycling bag and a weekly bill from Staples that the meagre housekeeping allowance I could soon be on may not accommodate*.  I love his artwork – don’t get me wrong – and can coo at a few slashes of Crayola in the corner of a piece of A4 with the best of mums, but we simply haven’t the wall space to cope so some selective (and secretive) disposal is unavoidable.

His latest project is a rendition of what we thought was every Ben 10 character ever dreamed up, although a quick Google hints at many more obscure alter-egos yet to be encountered and rendered in felt pen.  These pics are currently being compiled into a small booklet which I plan to number and scan so they can be emailed to various uncles, cousins and family friends to play ‘Guess the alien’.

In fact, here’s a trial run of ‘Guess the alien’. Not that anyone’s reading this:

NB: There’s nothing strikes more fear into your heart than having images like the above held up towards you as a small voice floats round from behind the paper saying, “Do you know who that is, mummy?”.  Well, do you?  Answers in a comment if you think you do…!


*On the subject of housekeeping allowances, if you followed my posts on trying to get part-time, compressed hours, you may be interested to hear that my line manager appears to have lost all the documentation we completed in January and which he should have submitted to HR immediately following our meeting.  I only know this because HR are now sending me letters asking where I am and whether I’m coming back (“Hello? Hello? Do you still want to work here??”).  I wonder did he leave said meeting clutching my forms and head directly to the gents only to find there was no paper in his cubicle ( “Aha!”, thinks he…).  Sigh.