Tax doesn’t have to be taxing…

Yeah right. It bloody is when you leave it smugly till the last 5 days, in the knowledge that you can bang it off in ten minutes online, then realise you’ve lost your ruddy P60.  I say lost; I mean shredded.  Nice one. VG and a gold star to that addled mother there.

On the other hand, Googling EhMummy to get here and add the latest rant  (still haven’t even added my blog to Favorites – see ‘addled’ comment above) it came up with a result from the MacMillan Cancer support site.  Reading some of the December posts on there from mums discussing the difficulties of arranging Christmas while coping with their latest bout of chemo put all P60 angst into perspective.  Who cares if I pay a £100 fine?  Not me; not now anyway. 

Sneaking into the kids’ room tonight to give them both an extra kiss and thank my stars nothing’s threatening to take me away from them yet.  Lucky, lucky, lucky me.