Bacon, gin, top rump and stiffies

There was an inordinate level of excitement in the kitchen this afternoon when I had a text read out on Richard Bacon’s Radio 6 show as I roasted beef and drank gin.  And yes, top rump is obviously not the most appropriate dinner for a day that hit 21 degrees but it was that or bin the joint, so it was “Suck it up my darlings; red meat and warm starch on the menu çe soir…”

Other than that it was a non-eventful day; we soaked up the sun down by the shore and then soaked up pints of water from B’s water-pistol in the back garden (“On the towel’s safe…SAFE..!!”).  And I enjoyed my first shower in what felt like (but really hope wasn’t) three days.

This evening, I stumbled happily across the very funny MrShev’s blog; anyone who can talk about gingerbread men with erections  gets my vote [see his Greatest Hits comments].  I shall doubtless now spunk many an otherwise-productive hour browsing his archives. Cheers, mate.