Sunshine and Skumkantarel

Today was a delight. The sun was shining, summer arrived finally, and I ignored the midden we’re living in and dragged the kids out to enjoy a picnic at the stately home round the corner. Not as grand as it sounds but as we had the place to ourselves we were able to imagine an alternative lifestyle. Enjoyed a good kickaround, built twig houses, picnicked merrily, swung on a gate and played pooh sticks.  G ate about half her body weight in grass-clippings along with dropped blueberries but it would appear doesn’t suffer from hay fever, so that’s fine.

In other fine news; not since the one-off and brief return of the unparalleled Texan bar in my local McColls, have I been so happy.  If, like me, you used to enjoy mushrooms (the pink and white sweetie kind…now, now) and find yourself let down by the poor quality of today’s hard little, tasteless morsels then you will be delighted to hear that the original mushroom is alive and kicking in – of all places – IKEA. I’ve already guzzled four packs, successfully avoiding dole-outs to small children (and husbands).  And no, these two didn’t make it back into the packet…

All in all, a grand day.