When I Swept Under the Couch Today

When I swept under the couch today

Something wonderful took my breath away;

A building block frolicked with Peppa the Pig,

While Bob the builder taught crayons to dig!

And although he was legless, with two missing hands,

The Blue Power Ranger was leading a dance;

He was gracefully spinning a yellow tin top

Who happily hummed from the start to the stop.

In a far away corner an old teddy bear

Sat dejectedly picking his worn, matted hair.

As I watched him, a dirty wee bean bag doll

Took his hand very shyly and, though very small,

Said, “Join me and we can imagine for hours

That we’re tumbling through meadows of sweet summer flowers;

I find that’s the best way to banish your woes.”

And with that they were off with a skip on their toes.

So plastic piano’s sweet, tinkling noise

Kept the forgotten, lost and abandoned toys

Happily dancing and whiling away

The hours that they spent ‘neath the sofa that day.

And late in the evening when all was still

I gently removed them, up onto a sill

So the morning sunlight would waken each one

To a glorious dawn, in the Playroom of Fun.